A Familiar Question

So, I find myself asking once again 'Is Pat Robertson crazy?'  I mean, the whole praying for Supreme Court justices to die was a little out there.*  Then there was the whole asking for the CIA to assassinate the President of Venezula. That little comment had alot of people questioning his sanity.  Now he has apparently received a text message from God, making the claim that the recent stroke of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was 'the wrath of God.'  It couldn't possibly be the fact that the man had a stroke last month, is in his late 70s, is incredibly overweight, and has a very stressful job.  Its definitely because he gave the Gaza strip to the Palestinians.  I think Pat Robertson has moved happily to senility.  Perhaps his whimpering man-bitch of a son should start pre-recording his father's messages.

Conversations from my life:

Dr. Charisma: (While entering the information for my pay check) We should give you a raise.

Me:  I agree

Dr. Charisma:  Oh! We should add you to the letter head.  (Opens the file and starts typing) What title did we decide on?

Me: Editorial God

Dr. Charisma: Catchy.

Me: I thought so.

Dr. Charisma: (typing) Scott Moore - Editorial Associate

Me: That works too.

*-I would like to point out, since Robertson's prayers for a 'change in the court' only Conservative or conservative-leaning justices have left.  The four liberals are still there


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