Entry: Homo-erotic Conversations with Brian 15.1.06

Bach480: Hey Brian
Psybabar: heyo
Bach480: Whats up
Psybabar: not so much
Bach480: Do you know what you want?  More than life its self?
Bach480: itself?                                                                                                   Psybabar: what do I want? More than life itself?
Bach480: Don't correct me, bitch
Psybabar: Don't make mistakes, slut                                                                                                    Bach480: You want to go to dinner with me: I'll even let you pick where. (the normal non-pan-asian cuisine clause pending)
Psybabar: are you propositioning me?
Psybabar: :0)
Bach480: Oh please, you coudln't handle me
Psybabar: hahahah
Psybabar: ok, see, under normal circumstances, I would say yes, however, I'm still recovering from some surgery I had on the 5th
Bach480: I see
Bach480: That is why you can't handle me
Bach480: But normally, you could
Bach480: ...interesting...


Mr. Anonyms
February 26, 2006   07:42 PM PST
You should talk more about that Ti fellow how is he? Have any pics of him? He is oh so handsome.

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