Entry: Stupid Daylight Savings Time 2.4.06

Well, here it is apparently at 10.33 am.  Just when I thought I was all efficient, getting up at 9.30 am.  I am not amused.  And what's the point of this daylight savings time anyway, nothing that I can see.  I understand that it was a way to allow farmers for something to work more, but what use do I have for the sun?*

In other rants, there are just some mornings I wish I had a rocket launcher, or maybe a bazooka.  My neighbor, not crazy electricity lady (for those of you in the know), has this very obnoxious motorcycle that he feels the need to rev-up and leave running at very early hours in the morning.  That's not my preferred method to wake-up in the morning...its very irritating.  Though, if I were to blow it up, or something, I'd probably be arrested...that's democracy for you.

In sad news, the good times can't last forever...GQ has finally sent me a renewal notice, implying they would no longer be sending issues.  While this may seem pretty par for the magazine subscribing course, GQ has been sending me issues for the last year and a half, inspite of the fact that my subscription ran out in January of '05.  Oh well.

Finally, my blog has apparently hit 14,000 independent hits!  Horray!  Considering that I've only gotten one piece of hate mail, I can only assume that these hits are coming from both the loyal, loving readers, as well as the friends of those readers, drawn by the inevitable glowing word-of-mouth recommendations of their friends.  (I choose to ignore the possibility its all from Google users typing 'Something Weird.'**

*Even though I have little use for the sun, I'm not like Pat, who is attempting to blot it out of the sky.

** I'm the sixth from the top!


May 27, 2006   09:48 AM PDT
You know, I've been thinking about getting a shotgun and sitting on my porch with it and a cider bottle, waiting for the loud jerks on the motorcycles to drive past the office building I reside in, when I will shoot out their tires and watch them skid and crash into a fiery explosion.

I feel your pain.

And glad to see you're back.
April 2, 2006   10:54 PM PDT
it is evil. did you hear that the president passed a law that, starting next year, daylight savings will start 3 weeks earlier and last a week longer at the end?
I didn't realize that today was the start of it until around 5 o'clock, when I saw that the cable box said one time & the microwave said another.

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