Mustafa Flamingo » hmmm that's not what I meant to say
Mustafa Flamingo » w2v3j
Sam » SCOTT!!! Update your blog!
EV, fka Jagged » hey, never update! then again, neither do i. so. my blog's different, as is its address and my name. seeya later!
Joe » ns
Heather » Cthulhu birthday pix at
Mr. Anonyms » You should talk more about that Ti fellow how is he? Have any pics of him? He is oh so handsome.
Jagdalena » (This, by the way, is my new tagging name. It's still the same old Jagged. up the Goddess-incarnate-stuff.)
Jagdalena » Yaaaay! He's back, and sexy as ever!
Scott » See, update, and new layout to boot!
Scott » Good things are coming soon, I promise.
Jagged » *dangles carrot cake in front of Scott* Pweeasse?
Jagged » I'll wish you a merry solstice if you update....
Michael » So I guess you've forgotten about your blog? I miss it :/
Jagged » augh. Just kill me because I'm a horrible horrible friend. *mustreadmoreblogsmoreoften*
Scott » My God! I'm getting tired of clearing spam off my message board!
Jagged » 'Course I do, silly. You and Pat are some of the best reads on BD.
Scott » Horray!! Jagged still comes here!
Jagged » *lands with no thump, nor falling* I read the tag you left on Pat's board...Aww. Thanks so much! *feels important* By Grabthar's Hammer, we will talk more! ...ahem. Yeah. *stretches wings; alights*
Scott » grassi-ass
Pat » El title picture es muy grande
bell » yes u do
Scott » I like to think so Kayla
Kayla » You look kinda hot:"
Sara » hey cool site
jr » cool site
Scott » I do what I can
mrmister » Thanks for knowing what it means when I say that you don't ever deserve a yellow post it note with your name on it.
Scott » Links are always welcomed! Thanks
blueskelton » heh thanks for the link let me know if you would like one as well
obiwan » sounds like you have one hell of an English Teacher I have a tolkien fanatic myself but that rocks
pwnt » can u see my msg?
pwnt » hey
Scott » Hey!
chris » hey!
Katriana » Thank you for linking me (:
Spanner » Hey dude! Thanks!!!!
O-Zone » Dragostea-din-tea
Jagged » Happy Holidays, Scott!
Scott » You do the same, hopefully you had a pleasant passthrough
vadea » just passing through, thought i'd say hi =) have a happy!
Scott » wow, even the beagel is signing my blog. Thanks Bailey!
Bailey » The road to hell is paved with republicans.
Scott » Sorry about the broken images guys, I'm a dumbass
Scott » That it does, that it does
Jefferson » RedVsBlue kicks heaps of ass, don't it? Even when sober.
Norfolk Throw Dsteve » I love that your hate mailer automatically thinks your from new england, even some new englanders are stupid enough to be republicans!
Scott » So, are you "eh steve" or just plain ole steve?
steve » you kick ass dude!
Jagged » I like linking, so it works out.
Scott » Thank you! I like being linked
Jagged » Love your blog. Linkage!
Scott » Who's KGBeast...I'm thinking Pat
KGBeast » I am thinking very good post it is
Scott » Dude! An update...weird, huh?
Query » Tag! You're it!
Scott » huh?
Brian » Don't even start on the next post, as you are TOTALLY wrong!
The Authority » Lo, thou must upate thy blog for the betterment of all
Brian » He wants ALL of Europe Awww Right!
Ben » Damn it I want eurpoe
Ben » where the eiro trip info
Scott » YAY! People I don't know signing my blog!!! That's means I've spread beyond my circle.
beechy » lol i know how that goes, i had a 10 page paper due yesterday, didnt do it until yesterday, and i had a 3 page paper to do as well that i didnt do til yesterady
Evil Teacher » Hey look! a Teacher Sex Joke
Scott » hmmmm, it would be fun to have JP vs someone....ohh, maybe the Pope vs Ronald Reagan...its not really fundies against fundies...but damn, that'd be fun
Anna » I think you should do the pope versus ghandi or the pope versus that crazy guy from north korea. Nobody understands any of them when they talk
hidden » i've never heard of Adult Swim, and apparently I'm Dr. Weird from Aqua Teen Hunger Force...nice writing, hehe
Scott » Just so you guys know, I've posted my old journal on here, since I figured out how to merge them, and post-date my entries.
Scott » You'll have to show me some goodies when you come back from 'Pan.
a » you need to start listening to some indie rock my friend
jonwcollins » maybe not an *MTV* slut, but a slut nonetheless
Scott » I'm not a MTV slut, weren't you paying attention to the post
The Great and Only » I am too ya stinky MTV slut
Scott » Why do I get the feeling that you are neither great nor only?
The Great and Only » Stupid Psuedonyms
Anna » Amen Brother
Scott » Ohhh, people leaving comments are using mysterious alias' now.
Pandora » kewl place
a » yay!
Scott » A, you're my hero too...if you're who I think you are
Scott » Ding, good job. I highly recommend finding the songs too, most are good. I also attempt to have the songs have some relationship to the entry...but we'll see.
Ben » ooo ooo i know, all the titles are songs
a » scott is my hero
Scott » Nope, but good guess, though I'm pissed off my Buffy images stopped working
Ben » but here goes THey Parody Buffy Titles?
Ben » nope i can't guess what the link is
Brian » Ok, just to clarify...a blog is a weblog, it's just shortened because computer people are lazy people
Scott » Gay Student Union
Ben » whats a gsu
Ben » Me First